Riding, driving … a science and an art.

You know how things work, what happens when you push the handlebars on a rolling bike to the left (you turn right BTW), what it means to “steer into the skid”, you might even have a t-shirt that reads “a dab of oppo” (as in “opposite lock”).

You know what makes riding and driving really fun, connecting with the art part, feeling, sensing, the seat of your pants stuff, trusting your peripheral vision and more, knowing what is going to happen before it happens, truly understanding what Mario (Andretti) meant when he said “if everything feels under control, you are probably not going fast enough”…

We connect both worlds, we help you explore the art and the science, we will build your confidence in your machine and in yourself, we can make you bothworlds …

  • Track Tuition
    Track Tuition
    Track day at Portimao, Algarve, Portugal
  • Tour and Travel
    Tour and Travel
  • Track Tuition
    Track Tuition
    Behind The Scenes - Portimao
  • Racetrack Rave
    Racetrack Rave
    Behind the Scenes Spa-Francorchamps
  • My Bio
    My Bio
    Introducing my bothworld...